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Massage Therapy Blog

Lymphatic system (massage therapy South Korea)

affiliate advertisers throughout the site What is “lymph”? In real short, lymph is “sewage”. I’m always surprised how many people don’t know this but I guess knowledge of health and[…]

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Massage Therapy in Seoul Korea

Finding professional Massage Therapy in Seoul, South Korea This should be a no-brainer, an easy to manage, in a city with over 10 million people plus countless visitors from overseas.[…]

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7 Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is Good for You

Everybody seems to know about massage but rarely someone really does! The first thing people think: Massage helps to relax! And often that’s all most people know about it. Here I[…]

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Drunken Massage: Harmful or OK

There are a few misconceptions about massage therapy, and the biggest might be about drinking alcohol before getting a massage. Here are all consequences of this, explained in a simple way:[…]

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Receiving Massage Therapy if you have had Cancer

Some people worry that having a massage when you have cancer may make the cancer cells spread by traveling via the lymphatic system and/or blood flow to other parts of the[…]

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The Physiological Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

What are the physiological benefits of therapeutic massage? Either directly, or indirectly aka through other changes in your body, but virtually every part of it will be affected by massage. For a[…]

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Biggest Massage Therapy Misconceptions

Surely there are a ton of massage therapy misconceptions, for whatever reasons. But to avoid writing a book, respectively save both mine and your precious time, let’s just ‘touch’ the[…]

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