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Biggest Massage Therapy Misconceptions

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Biggest Massage Therapy Misconceptions

Surely there are a ton of massage therapy misconceptions, for whatever reasons. But to avoid writing a book, respectively save both mine and your precious time, let’s just ‘touch’ the 3 biggest and most common ones.


Though stronger, deeper work can be good (if done properly), but that is not an universal truth. The other thing is, if you are sore after receiving massage therapy, I guess the muscles weren’t warmed up correctly. I believe in comparisons, to make things easier to understand, and I would like to compare it to sports. Anyone would agree with that it is a bad idea to go to a gym, then start to work out without a proper warm up and as heavy that your body cracks. And the workout length? Surely shouldn’t be a full 5-hours afternoon program, since your body just can’t take that. Daily massage therapy which is done in the correct technique, depth and length is healthy though.


This misconception is true. Wait, what? Yes, just as anyone can cook, anyone can massage. Only thing is, that the result might turn your stomach and make you feel sick. In rare cases the food might even kill the person who enjoyed it… An educated, experienced cook will probably deliver something far better then someone cooking his/her first boiled eggs/microwaved can of beans.. you name it. I was considering to ornament this blog entry with the photo of a badly cooked meal, but I quickly changed my mind after googling such. Therefore here is a common, friendly yet unprofessional massage touch:

The mistake that I observed most often is that motion, where the “patient” is sitting and his/her friend is grabbing the person’s superior trapezius muscle (lower neck/shoulder muscles), pulling it up a few times and most of the times both look super happy. The reason for that happiness is, that the massaging friend believes in having great skills and helping the friend, and the friend is slightly turned on because of the reflexology trigger points that are usually touched during this unprofessional activity. 

But pulling up those muscles are already a no-no, and that “technique” basically lacks the correct preparation, direction, time length and motions.

Since the body has trigger points for good and for harm plus there are important arteries not to be pressed on etc etc, one can only imagine the harm these well-meant massages can do to one’s health.


Among many areas, I myself am certified in “Thai Massage for Infants and Children” too. We all know that children are affected by stress, growing, sports etc. and as well need assisted stretching, relaxing touch, boosted immune function and improved digestion: all this achieved by receiving massage therapy. Hence, all mammals appreciate massage and beside appreciation, it improves their health, even your cats and dogs can profit from massage! I adapted and tried the knowledge, which I learned on babies, on my pets. It was funny but amazing to see how they calmed down from the stress of their little everyday lives!


Everyone should receive correctly done massage therapy by an educated and experienced therapist only


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