What happened to the therapeutic services section on Craigslist? 

It seems that because CraigsList was concerned about many ads under therapeutic massage; targeted not those in pain, but those looking for some private fun. The main concern of course was not, that people are having fun, the concern was that most of them are not free in their choice to do so. Aka, escort can lead to sex/human trafficking. So basically, in the beginning of May 2018 CraigsList decided to shut the therapeutic section down, because of the not-therapeutic ads, to ensure that they won’t become liable when people are posting escort service.

So one sunny May-day I woke up to this:

Now, I would like to add my 2 cents to CraigsList’s decision.

First of all, CraigsList, with this removal you created the impression that Therapeutic Massage has something to do with naughty actions. Not only is the name of a genuine, useful profession’s name already put in dirt by those pink lettered massage places, now CraigsList jumps on the bandwagon too. Of course, out of good intentions only, and to save their own skin. “Great”.

Secondly, literally no escort services got removed from CraigsList. They moved into other sections or solicit under different code names. The only thing that actually really got removed from CraigsList is the legitimate massage therapy. “Fantastic”.

My CraigsList ads were all removed, despite looking like this:

It turned so bad, that because of my suddenly reduced income I applied to seriously meant ads, I was confronted with offers for escort services. At this point I have to mention, the job description didn’t state any of these!!! I was offered to work or to send them customers via my site or sell them my website ( for a hundred dollars. Clearly I refused all of this; but imagine to even get in contact with these people. I mean, when I got to the job interview, I was requested to get into a white van… Nothing bad happened to me as I quickly realised and left.

CraigsList almost got me into an experience:

I wrote an email to CraigsList explaining, that their service got not an inch better but turned clearly to the worse, and that all they did was stamping the educated, hardworking massage therapists. I wrote: well, CraigsList needs to remove the “sale by private” section too, because lots of stolen goods and even babies are on offer. Under “rent a room” are offers to live for “free” in return for certain services … you guess it. I recommended to CraigsList to collect 0.99$ from a credit card, and maybe even refund it, only to check the advertiser’s identity. Or that they actually check the messages by simply reading it.

“I’ve never received a reply from CraigsList, despite my smart, polite email, offering solutions”

Let me also lose a few last words about the situation in Seoul. It can be very very difficult to find professional, genuine massage therapy – I would not want to work for 95% of the places open in Seoul. Because prostitution is illegal in South Korea, many places call these services “massage”  “karaoke” or “club”.

Which fires back on the honest, hard working people, who spent thousands of dollars and invested a great amount of time and effort to become massage therapists. 

It’s not an easy job and doesn’t pay that high. We chose it because this is what we want to do – and nothing else.