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in Seoul - South Korea
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Massage Therapy in Seoul Korea

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Massage Therapy in Seoul Korea

Finding professional Massage Therapy in Seoul, South Korea

This should be a no-brainer, an easy to manage, in a city with over 10 million people plus countless visitors from overseas. Yet it can be an unexpectedly difficult task  to find legit massage therapy in Seoul. This has of course a variety of reasons, which I would like to explain here.

First of all, massage therapy courses can be pretty expensive, often even involving to travel to foreign countries such as Thailand to study. It’s also advised to have a health related profession so that one does not to any harm but fixes problems. Unprofessionally done massage therapy can cause death or serious health damage.

Why aren’t there more  professional Massage Therapy in Seoul, South Korea?

Of course, beside the investment of time and finances, massage therapy is also hard physical work, that requires punctuality, patience, medical knowledge (preferably with work experience in a hospital/clinic/etc). And on top of that, many people might accuse you blindly of being an “immoral woman”, nicely to speak. These factors are not exactly a motivation to learn and work as a massage therapist.

Therefore, there is a lack of knowledgeable massage therapists. 

Specifically in South Korea there are 2-3 additional factors that add to this difficulty. The first is, South Korea being a conservative country that judges 

on unmarried couples living together, singles, queers and generally everyone who appears to be “immoral”. That often includes foreigners “just because”…

Korean Culture meets Massage Therapy

Then, it’s Korean culture to 

  • give a (even silly, nonsense) reason for your request
  • make your request sound nice by toning it down

This is actually really valuable information for business men from overseas, trying their best in a meeting with their Korean business partners! 

Let me explain this a bit. Let’s say you’re a (Korean) guy on a date and want to take things to the next (very top next) level. So the guy might ask the sudden question: “Aren’t you sleepy?” I happened to answer politely to the Korean guy that I am not sleepy (in a café, full of caffeine), whereof my date looked at me serious and told me: “I think you are very sleepy. You need to lay down.” 

This is one of the reasons why Korean people say “massage for back pain” when they mean something else. They are simply 1) giving a reason 2) staying on the safe (polite) side.

This cultural attribute sometimes awakes the feeling in visitors that Korean people lie a lot. But actually, they are very honest; they just do it in their own way.

Regardless, I usually can’t give appointments to Korean people, since they don’t take my website information for serious.

Where can you book Massage Therapy in Seoul, South Korea?

Let’s summarize: it can be an awkward, expensive or even health damaging experience to book massage therapy in Seoul South Korea. I can recommend myself of course. And sorry, no I can’t recommend “other type of” places because I don’t know any, and also don’t want to participate in possibly harming women. 

But you are welcome to contact me and book an appointment with me if you are looking for genuine, legit, professional massage therapy in Seoul, South Korea

Enjoy your stay in Seoul and hope to see you.