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What happened to the therapeutic services section on Craigslist? It seems that because CL was concerned about many ads under therapeutic massage; targeted not those in pain, but those looking for some private fun. The main concern of course was not, that people are having fun, the concern was that most of them are not…
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Drunken Massage: Harmful or OK

There are a few misconceptions about massage therapy, and the biggest might be about drinking alcohol before getting a massage. Here are all consequences of this, explained in a simple way: Alcohol is dehydrating The body tries to get rid of alcohol quickly and works hard to excrete it through the kidneys. Therefore extra fluid is…
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Receiving Massage Therapy if you have had Cancer

Some people worry that having a massage when you have cancer may make the cancer cells spread by traveling via the lymphatic system and/or blood flow to other parts of the body. No research ever has proved this to be true. (The first massages I’ve ever give had been lymph drainages while working at the Radiotherapy Department…
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